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Stratagy - Page 3

Games that require planning and tactical decisions

Air Hockey Can you score the most points in this air hockey game?
0 0   150   Stratagy
Daily Bridges Connect all the islands with a network of bridges using the given numbers. Create as many bridges to...
0 0   138   Stratagy
A Nonogram a Day Play daily Nonogram puzzles. Color the grid and reveal an image. At the top of each column, and at t...
0 0   151   Stratagy
Freecell Summer Holiday Freecell on the beach. Move all cards to the foundation according to the classic freecell rules.
0 0   122   Stratagy
Holiday Match Get into the holiday mood with this fun memory game.
0 0   113   Stratagy
Russian Solitaire Try to move all cards to the 4 foundations. On the tableau build in suit and descending.
0 0   139   Stratagy
Lost in Time Time is lost in this Mahjong Solitaire. Combine free tiles to remove tiles. Combine the time tiles a...
0 0   140   Stratagy
Apartment Match Stack appartments and create a stack of 3 of the same appartments to remove those.
0 0   119   Stratagy
Chocolate Factory Try to remove all chocolates from the factory. Make groups of 3 or more of the same chocolates. Swip...
0 0   111   Stratagy
Baker's Game Similar game as Freecell, but now build sequences on suit. So on the tableau you build suit descendi...
0 0   115   Stratagy
Mini Golf Complete all 18 holes in as less strikes as possible.
0 0   113   Stratagy
Baseball Fun baseball practice game. Click to take a swing at the ball.
0 0   108   Stratagy
Glow Jongg Mahjong Solitaire with glowing tiles. Try to remove all tiles by combining 2 of the same free (glowi...
0 0   101   Stratagy
Daily Tracks Complete a track from start to finish using the given hints on the left and top.
0 0   114   Stratagy
Chinese Solitaire Move all cards to the foundations. Play cards on the tableau in alternating color. Any open card may...
0 0   102   Stratagy
Alice in Tetrisland Tetris game, drop down the blocks and complete horizontal lines.
0 0   109   Stratagy
Runes of Mystery Click on groups of 3 or more of the same items to remove those. Remove all grey backgrounds and/or d...
0 0   125   Stratagy
Classic Snake Collect all the dots and avoid bumping into the wall or your tail.
0 0   131   Stratagy
Minesweeper Classic The classic Minesweeper game. Can you find all the mines?
0 0   110   Stratagy
The Palace Hotel Find all the hidden objects in the Palace Hotel.
0 0   140   Stratagy

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