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Stratagy - Page 7

Games that require planning and tactical decisions

Halloween Grabbers Halloween game. Grab the tiles from the sides in pairs.
0 0   130   Stratagy
Ghost Bubbles Remove all the ghosts in this halloween bubble shooter game.
0 0   137   Stratagy
Daily Trees and Tents Daily classic logic puzzle game where you have to place Tents next to Trees. Read the in-game help f...
0 0   139   Stratagy
Fairy Word Search Find all the hidden words on the grid. Drag to select a word.
0 0   146   Stratagy
Garden Secrets Hidden Challenge Find all the hidden objects in the Secret Gardens with a limited number of turns. Each completed cat...
0 0   129   Stratagy
Gold Miner Try to grab all the gold and treasures as fast as possible. Click to release the grabber.
0 0   132   Stratagy
Mahjongg Shanghai Mahjongg Solitaire game in 2D or 3D. Combine two of the same free tiles to remove the tiles.
0 0   135   Stratagy
African Savannah Fun Mahjong Connect game. Connect 2 of the same tiles to remove the tiles. The connecting path canno...
0 0   136   Stratagy
Famous Paintings 2 Click/tap on all the differences in Famous Paintings 2.
0 0   137   Stratagy
Daily Sokoban Everyday a new Sokoban game. Push the boxes onto the goals.
0 0   147   Stratagy
Troy Solitaire Try to remove all cards by combining the same cards.
0 0   152   Stratagy
Number Fill Drag the numbers to the correct spots.
0 0   149   Stratagy
River Diamonds Find all the hidden diamonds in pairs.
0 0   130   Stratagy
Totem Blast Destroy the totem blocks before they reach the top of the game area. Click on a group of 2 or more o...
0 0   138   Stratagy
Daily Checkit Everyday a new puzzle game: Check it. Every row and column has exactly 3 marks (V). Marks are never...
0 0   131   Stratagy
Grab It Grab the tiles from the sides in pairs.
0 0   158   Stratagy
Classic Frog Help the frog to cross the busy road and river.
0 0   132   Stratagy
Daily Heggies Daily puzzle game in 2 degrees of difficulty. Draw a single line that connects all cells.
0 0   133   Stratagy
Neon 3 Match 3 game in Neon colors. Swap 2 neon drinks to get 3 or more of the same in a row.
0 0   136   Stratagy
Cup of Tea Mahjong Enjoy a relaxing game of Mahjong Solitaire. Combine 2 of the same tiles.
0 0   128   Stratagy

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