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Games tagged with: Escape

Escape The Maze Try and find the treasure hidden in these mazes. Good luck! Play more fun games at
0 0   346   Stratagy
Swampy Forest Escape 2 It seems that this year is raining way more than usual. For about two weeks it was raining without s...
0 0   210   Escape
Casper Casino Escape In this game, you’re been trapped inside the casino. So use the objects and the help of Caspers to e...
0 0   228   Escape
Abandoned Mental Hospital Escape Abandoned Mental Hospital Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Crazy Esca...
0 0   184   Escape
Ju-on House Mysteries In this game, you’re stuck in a mystery ghost house. Try to solve the mysteries of Ju-on and escape...
0 0   208   Puzzle
Vampire Escape 2 Escape from the vampires using four colored keys.
0 0   206   Puzzle
Vampire Escape Escape from the vampires using four colored keys.
0 0   211   Puzzle
Monster Trap This is a multi featured game which includes simplicity, fun, addictiveness, skill testing and educa...
0 0   235   Arcade
Ancient Cave Mysteries In this game, you’re exploring the ancient cave. In the half way you are lost and looking for a way...
0 0   198   Puzzle
Starcraft Mystery You’re a craft member where trapped in a crashed spaceship, you need to find all the secrets and mys...
0 0   178   Puzzle
Oddball's Vacation Oddball went on a cruise with his family but was accidentally left behind at the beach. Help him ret...
0 0   133   Puzzle
Surreal Escape Escape from this surreal world using the four colored keys.
0 0   146   Puzzle
Cute Pet Rescue Escape One day your enemy kidnapped your favorite dog and kept it inside the zoo and tries to use it for sh...
0 0   209   Puzzle
Mysteries of Pyramid You’re trapped inside an ancient pyramid that full of mystery, find the objects, solve the puzzles a...
0 0   115   Puzzle
Baby Panda Escape A little panda is crying for help, find and solve the mysterious puzzles to rescue the panda by esca...
0 0   203   Puzzle
Abandoned Farm Escape You were on your way home after visiting your grandparents. Your car broke down and you started walk...
0 0   153   Puzzle
Three Nights Escape Strange things are happening. Is this real? Try to escape from this bad dream.
0 0   165   Puzzle
Escape Area 15 Your ship crashed and now you must escape area 15. Collect items, solve puzzles to escape area 15!
0 0   165   Puzzle
Break Free The Fortress You are a spy for the secret union of mega minds. Your job was to infiltrate the enemies fortress an...
0 0   155   Puzzle
World Cup Player Escape Assume that, a player is trapped in a room. The room is locked. The player want to play the world...
0 0   138   Puzzle

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