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Games tagged with: difference games - Page 2

Old Bards Home I lost some things that are important for my creative work. Would you be so kind and help me?
0 0   213   Puzzle
Dark Knight's Castle Are you brave enough to explore this abandoned castle?
0 0   232   Puzzle
Fairytale Kingdom Discover the hidden secrets and solve the puzzles that this magical place holds.
0 0   254   Puzzle
Princess Estate I left some important things in my estate. Can you find these things?
0 0   357   Puzzle
Robbers of the Temple You discovered an ancient temple. This temple is full of ancient priceless artifacts.
0 0   249   Puzzle
Lighthouse Mystery Your job as a detective is to search for the clues to solve the lighthouse mystery.
0 0   253   Puzzle
Desert Snake Welcome to the mysterious palace of the Desert Snake in the dry and hot desert!
0 0   244   Puzzle
Lost Mars Colony We have lost communication with our Mars colony. Solve the problem!
0 0   220   Puzzle
Mysterious Cottage You came across an old abandoned cottage. See if you can find any clues inside.
0 0   214   Puzzle
Princess Toy Room Some objects in these rooms shouldn’t be there. They are not toys!
0 0   214   Puzzle
Hunting for Antiques You are invited to the closing ceremony of the old antique shop. Spot the valuables and real treasur...
0 0   248   Puzzle
Queen's Summerhouse The queen is moving to the summerhouse but this place is in a mess. Go there and get it ready for th...
0 0   239   Puzzle
Stolen Painting Patricia Brushstroke, a well-known artist reported one of her paintings missing. Solve the case!
0 0   220   Puzzle
The Emperor's Samurai Search for the clues that will lead you to the samurai warriors.
0 0   245   Puzzle
Spellforest Many have entered this forest but only few ever found their way out. Help the lost ones!
0 0   183   Puzzle
Thief in the Hotel Someone has been stealing things from our hotel. See if you can find any clues!
0 0   241   Puzzle
Elvenwood Some creatures are stealing from the good people of our kingdom. Investigate this!
0 0   264   Puzzle
Temple Of Arakna Your mission is to explore the ancient mystic temple of Arakna.
0 0   247   Puzzle
Captain's Villa My dear nephew, I am leaving my villa to you. Take good care of it!
0 0   241   Puzzle
Carnival The people are on their way to the carnival. Prepare the carnival for the visitors.
0 0   227   Puzzle

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