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Games tagged with: find items - Page 3

Spellforest Many have entered this forest but only few ever found their way out. Help the lost ones!
0 0   174   Puzzle
Thief in the Hotel Someone has been stealing things from our hotel. See if you can find any clues!
0 0   232   Puzzle
Elvenwood Some creatures are stealing from the good people of our kingdom. Investigate this!
0 0   256   Puzzle
Temple Of Arakna Your mission is to explore the ancient mystic temple of Arakna.
0 0   234   Puzzle
Captain's Villa My dear nephew, I am leaving my villa to you. Take good care of it!
0 0   232   Puzzle
Carnival The people are on their way to the carnival. Prepare the carnival for the visitors.
0 0   219   Puzzle
Old West Bandits A well known gang just rode in to your town and now they are leaving a mess behind them.
0 0   217   Puzzle
Late for a Date You are running late for a date and you lost all your things while running.
0 0   208   Puzzle
Thieves of Ashraa The thieves are running through the streets. You need to find all the clues.
0 0   221   Puzzle
Wizards School You are hereby invited to the Wizards School. Try to find all magical objects.
0 0   209   Puzzle

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