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Games tagged with: hidden object games - Page 2

Toymakers Woodshop Every night I close my toy shop, go home, and in the morning, the place is a mess again!rn
0 0   279   Puzzle
Showtime Our newest theater play opens tonight, and the stage is still a mess. Help us get everything ready f...
0 0   337   Puzzle
Celebrity Break-in Polly Darton, the famous country singer just reported that her villa has been broken into. Solve the...
0 0   295   Puzzle
Painters Colony Find your inspiration and create something nice. Collect the items for this task.
0 0   298   Puzzle
Flower Fun Run The annual flower run is upon us once again! Step into the flower forest and find something beautifu...
0 0   327   Puzzle
The Toy Thief We have been robbed by the evil toy thief. Follow him into the woods to save our toys.
0 0   302   Puzzle
Cursed Temple Explorers Deep inside the forest of Andueir, lies the long forgotten cursed temple. Explore this place and fin...
0 0   288   Puzzle
Frilbo's Birthday Frilbo is celebrating his 101st birthday. Will you find all hidden items?
0 0   299   Puzzle
Desert Kingdom My grandfather told me of times past; when our kingdom was more than a dry wasteland, there was more...
0 0   259   Puzzle
Dragons Awakening You must evacuate this forest immediately. Gather your things and leave!
0 0   256   Puzzle
Moving In We require your assistance and expertise as a home decorator. Can you help us?
0 0   229   Puzzle
Down the Rabbit Hole I had a crazy dream last night. I was chasing a rabbit and I found myself in a strange place!
0 0   234   Puzzle
Golden Ticket You are invited in the Theater of Magic. Admit one! And thanks you for coming.
0 0   264   Puzzle
Yard Sale The dwarves are having a huge yard sale. Hurry and see if you can find something valuable!
0 0   255   Puzzle
Erathon Hotel You are invited to the Erathon Hotel Opening Day, but in working clothes!
0 0   282   Puzzle
Dwarf Town Can you help me to find the dwarf village somewhere in this strange forest?
0 0   248   Puzzle
Lost Ranger One of the King's rangers is missing! See if you can find his trail and discover where he went.
0 0   233   Puzzle
Fancy Apartment Decorator We are almost done decorating the apartment for our superstar client. Help us to complete this job.
0 0   210   Puzzle
Hunting of Elvenwood Strange and magical creatures are roaming free. Investigate the source of this magic.
0 0   223   Puzzle
Flower Castle Step into the flower castle! Explore this place of beauty and discover its many secrets.
0 0   219   Puzzle

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