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Games tagged with: hidden object games - Page 3

Old Toy Factory This nice old toy factory opened the doors once again. What better place to have fun!
0 0   242   Puzzle
New Neighbors We just moved to the neighborhood. Can you be a good neighbor and help us move in?
0 0   209   Puzzle
Archeology Quest Go to various archeology sites throughout the world and prove that you are a true archaeologist.
0 0   223   Puzzle
Antique Collector The old MacDowel Castle is opening the gates! Get in and find something valuable.
0 0   218   Puzzle
City of Desert Sun We discovered an ancient lost city in the middle of the desert. Explore this place!
0 0   244   Puzzle
Blackbeard Your ship is captured by the pirates. Explore the captain's room to find something useful.
0 0   215   Puzzle
Abandoned Warehouse Your job in this game is to go the abandoned warehouse and scout the place out.
0 0   208   Puzzle
Home of Spellkeeper Deep inside the forest of the elves, hidden from a traveler's eye, is the home of the Spellkeeper!
0 0   208   Puzzle
Prancing Dragon Inn This is the last friendly Inn to the north. So rest your bones, traveler!
0 0   221   Puzzle
Fire Fairies Kingdom The magical creatures from the Fire Age, awaits you. Explore the secrets!
0 0   204   Puzzle
Hotel Renovation Renovation is almost done but the workers left the place in a mess. Can you help clean it up?
0 0   199   Puzzle
Spooky Tavern The night is dark and full of horrors. You will be safe in this tavern, or will you?
0 0   332   Puzzle
The Dwarf King The Dwarf King is summoning you.To clean up our King's front lawn and living quarters, hurry up.
0 0   289   Puzzle
Village Rampage Our village is under attack! Gather your things and head for the hills.
0 0   312   Puzzle
What a Mess I can't find anything in this mess. Can you help me clean up?
0 0   331   Puzzle
Picnic Mystery A family went missing on a picnic in the forest. Find the missing people.
0 0   365   Puzzle
Breaking and Entering Someone broke into our lovely house! Check if they stole our favorite things.
0 0   348   Puzzle
MSI Hurry to the crime scene and save any evidence you may find before it gets lost.
0 0   428   Puzzle
Daydreamers Diary It all seemed normal until magical creatures began appearing. Can you help me to solve this?
0 0   307   Puzzle
The Spy Game Your mission is to explore the whereabouts and find hidden objects.
0 0   304   Puzzle

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