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Games tagged with: hidden object games - Page 4

The Survivor Diaries After wandering the deserted planes for days, I came across a fortified complex. I need to find all...
0 0   183   Puzzle
The Time Traveler There is a new time thief we discovered, stealing items from various time periods. Retrieve the item...
0 0   197   Puzzle
Old Shrine Restoration Your job in this game is to help the archeology team to restore the ancient shrine.
0 0   161   Puzzle
Desert Prince The desert prince requires your assistance. He left this place in a mess and needs you to help him...
0 0   180   Puzzle
Strange Dream I had the strangest dream last night. I was in a castle full of mysteries and unsolved puzzles.
0 0   187   Puzzle
Easter Emergency There are eggs to color, tons of work! Can you help me out?
0 0   145   Puzzle
Mad Artist Dear nephew, I'm leaving my house to you, but this place is in a bit of a mess.
0 0   192   Puzzle
Circus is Back You are invited to the circus! We have some special prizes for you, see if you can find them.
0 0   183   Puzzle
Order of the Scorpio Stay a while and explore this desert oasis far from the ever watchful eye.
0 0   190   Puzzle
Rogue City Rogue City, the only place in the whole kingdom where every decent and hardworking thief can hide hi...
0 0   172   Puzzle
Tomb Explorers Explore the entire ancient tomb and save all these artifacts from the tomb robbers.
0 0   176   Puzzle
Old Bards Home I lost some things that are important for my creative work. Would you be so kind and help me?
0 0   127   Puzzle
Dark Knight's Castle Are you brave enough to explore this abandoned castle?
0 0   144   Puzzle
Fairytale Kingdom Discover the hidden secrets and solve the puzzles that this magical place holds.
0 0   168   Puzzle
Princess Estate I left some important things in my estate. Can you find these things?
0 0   153   Puzzle
Robbers of the Temple You discovered an ancient temple. This temple is full of ancient priceless artifacts.
0 0   158   Puzzle
Lighthouse Mystery Your job as a detective is to search for the clues to solve the lighthouse mystery.
0 0   160   Puzzle
Desert Snake Welcome to the mysterious palace of the Desert Snake in the dry and hot desert!
0 0   144   Puzzle
Lost Mars Colony We have lost communication with our Mars colony. Solve the problem!
0 0   136   Puzzle
Mysterious Cottage You came across an old abandoned cottage. See if you can find any clues inside.
0 0   119   Puzzle

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