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Games tagged with: hidden objects - Page 4

Tower of Magic Many wizards learned the magic in this tower. Discover the hidden objects it keeps.
0 0   236   Puzzle
Lost in the Swamp This swamp is cursed. Are you brave enough to investigate?
0 0   252   Puzzle
The Baron's Castle The baron used to be a great knight. Try to find all hidden items.
0 0   258   Puzzle
The Last Sword Master Enter the tower of last sword master and discover the secrets it holds.
0 0   251   Puzzle
Sheriff of Tombstone Get your things, cover your tracks and get out of Tombstone before the sheriff catches you.
0 0   241   Puzzle
Ice Planet Your mission is to find the hidden objects and differences.
0 0   254   Puzzle
Little House of Wonders You must explore this magical place and discover all it’s secrets!
0 0   285   Puzzle
Villa Asia Use your skills to solve this case. See if you can find any clues.
0 0   227   Puzzle
Forest of the Dwarves Walk through the magical forest of the dwarves and find the objects.
0 0   254   Puzzle
Royal Castle The royal family is going on a trip. Try to find all their items.
0 0   271   Puzzle
Ghosts in the Library A team of investigators are researching reports of ghosts in the library.
0 0   242   Puzzle
Blacksmith Town This town was once best in the kingdom for its crafting, but the blacksmiths are all gone now.
0 0   245   Puzzle
Curse of the Pharaohs Try to find the clues that will lead you to the missing archeologists.
0 0   242   Puzzle
Secrets of the Orient Try to discover all the secrets and dangers of the magical Orient.
0 0   242   Puzzle
Royal Murder December 23rd, 1964. I arrived at the location as soon as I heard that a murder took place. I must g...
0 0   253   Puzzle
Frozen Kingdom The ice dragons are attacking! Help the people of the kingdom to save yourself with all their precio...
0 0   240   Puzzle
Temple Raiders This is your chance to explore an ancient temple and discover all the secrets.
0 0   231   Puzzle
The Island of Captain Jack You are stranded on a mysterious island of Captain Jack and his gang of pirates.
0 0   228   Puzzle
Snowtown Magic Snow town is full of magic and treasure! See if you can find all hidden objects.
0 0   224   Puzzle
Forest of the Fairies Step into the forest of little fairies and discover its hidden objects. Search through different sce...
0 0   244   Puzzle

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